Doris is one of Katie's best friends who enjoys irritating her son Oliver. She is played by Ali Wong.


Doris is one of the 1% extremely wealthy Westport housewives who meets Katie and Angela every day at a restaurant to give her advice and unwind. She is there to give advice, albeit not always helpful, but regardless always is there to aid Katie.

Personality Edit

Doris flaunts her wealth proudly. She’s a complex kind of person, and regularly exhibits her oddity on a regular basis. She keeps up a brazen attitude and prides herself on manipulating people to get the results she desires, advice she gives to Katie when her household is fulled on an uprising. She is a mother of four kids and disciplines them to eccentricity. In fact, her methods have constantly been questioned by Katie and Angela, often being asked the question if she ever wondered if one day her kids would want to murder her.


  • Doris has constantly expressed interest in Greg.
  • She is one of the richest people in Westport.
  • She seems to be one of the outcasts of Westport, as her strict parenting style is at odds with the spoil-your-kids type style of most Westport parents

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