Sweetheart "Taylor" Anastasia Sunny Sweetie Otto is the oldest child of Kate Rebecca Otto & Greg and the older sister to Oliver and Anna Kat. She is played by Meg Donnelly (the role was originally portrayed by Johnny Sequoyah in the pilot episode).


Taylor is an adorable cute sporty girl her isn't the smartest in any classes really (especially math). She is constantly disobeying her mother. She is the first daughter of Katie Otto and Greg Otto (mainly) and the older sibling to Oliver Otto and big sister to Anna-Kat Otto. Her full name is Sweetheart Anastasia Sunny Sweetie Otto.


Originally, Taylor was an athletic tomboy. Sadly; she injured her leg at a Valentine's day party; forcing her to give up sport. After trying (and quitting) other activities, she became insecure and became more "girly". Now, she acts like one of the popular girls. 


  • Her nose starts bleeding whenever she gets anxious.
  • She loves hanging out with her friends.
  • She dyed her hair blonde without permission then she tricked her mother into letting her dye it again. Then she lost her blonde friends whom she dyed her hair to fit in with, Her hair is naturally blonde.
  • Her boyfriend is Trip (portrayed by Peyton Meyers), though he isn't the brightest either. He is also has blond hair and blue eyes and popular. In season 3, she is in the school's musical, Little Shop Of Horrors with Pierce, (portrayed by Milo Manheim) whom is trying to steal Taylor from Trip through the play.
  • She makes puppy noises whenever she's excited.
  • She is the younger sister to Oliver and the big sister to Anna-Kat.
  • She is very athletic.
  • She hates Pierce.
  • Her stomach growls very frequently.